Joyful Nostalgia Oak

Joyful Nostalgia Oak

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The Joyful Nostalgia is the only Nostalgia clock that play Hymns! The golden face opens into three sections, while playing one of 18 melodies. #4MH852WD06.

 On the hour, a beautiful melody plays as the clock dial separates into three sections to reveal a rotating wheel beneath set with five golden bells. Three multi-colored LED lights flash to the music as Swarovski crystals sparkle on the spinning pendulum.
The beautiful oak frame features a  kind of sedona oak finish and glass panel that will fit right in with virtually any décor. The plastic resin case housed the accurate quartz movement. Black Arabic numerals and hands indicate the time and a light sensor keeps the clock quiet when the room is dark. A volume control, on/off switch and a demonstration button complete this charming clock.

 The Joyful Nostalgia Oak Plays

Every hour on the hour! One of 18 melodies, from three different song selections.

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